September 9, 2008

Ya'all come back now, ya hear!

I am such a city girl. I love things city! I love going to star bucks on Saturday morning. I love stopping in the mall once every two weeks to have my nails done. I love tanning on my way home from the gym. I love getting in my car and in a few minutes being at the local gay bar. I love the city!

I now live 30 minutes from the city. I live over an hour from the nearest lesbian bar. I am 25 minutes away from the nearest star bucks. I have no clue where I can go tanning or get my nails done. And there is not a gym open past nine anywhere in this town.

I have had to find new things to do in order to entertain myself. My lovely girl and I go on five mile bike rides many evenings out of the week. We go kayaking and enjoy the lake. We go on long walks and play touch football with some of her old friends.

On Saturday mornings I brew my own coffee. I put it in my tall travel coffee mug and head two blocks south to the fair grounds. There, every Saturday morning, is the farmers market. As I have mentioned before I have been to these before. I have also been to ones in the country too. However, none are like this. I have told you some of the things I have seen so far but this past weekend took the cake! (You could get cake too!)

As we are walking in I see a woman holding a piglet. A BABY PIG PEOPLE! She asked if I wanted to buy it. What on earth am I going to do with a pig? I smile and say no thank you. Her son then tries to sell me this scary looking white rabbit with bright red eyes. No thank you!

We walk a bit farther and there is this couple carrying there many different types of chickens they just bought. Live clucking chickens in cages….being carried away like you had just bought milk at the corner grocery store.

The Amish were there. There were selling fresh produce from their gardens, baked goods, puppies and kittens. Did you know the Amish were in the business of breeding dogs and cats. They had some cute shelties.

I manage to get past the adorable puppies without wanting to take one home to head to the bird barn. They have chickens, doves, turkey, ducks, geese, and peacocks! That’s right folks, peacocks! What would you need a peacock for?? I have only ever seen them at zoo’s. Usually wondering around nipping at kids fingers for French fries and pooping all over the place. Now, apparently, you can have one for your back yard too!

There is also an interesting type of people who go down there every week. The majority of the people there are nothing like me. Now, they aren’t all like this, I have seen a few yuppies from time to time…but they are so few…they actually stick out. Anyway, the regulars are very “deliverance”. If you haven’t seen the movie…go Google it and you will know what I mean. I get checked out by more men than I can count and think it is only because I have a mouth full of teeth. I also am pretty convinced there is a short supply of non family members to be found.

What is even more strange…..I don’t see this mass of people anywhere else. I go to Wal-Mart (we don’t have one it’s in the next town over) and I never see them. They don’t hang out at the ice cream spot, or at the coffee shop. They only seem to come out on Saturday mornings for the farmers market.

While I am walking the many isle’s of “stuff” I over hear the funniest story I believe I have ever heard. A man met his wife at this very farmer’s market. They knew right off they were destined to be together. They married just two weeks after they met. They were so happy they were planning to have kids right away. They came down to the market together and ran into the brides grandmother. Turns out….I am not making this up…..they were cousins. It was by marriage so inbreeding wasn’t an issue. Come on people!!


SassyFemme said...

That farmer's market sounds like a really fun way to spend a morning. I'd love to be able to live among the Amish!

Just another day in Paradise :) said...

Ok, that sounds like what everyone says about why are we the only ones with the bad rap? rofl... love your blog, keep it up

Grumpy Granny said...

I love this post! We have a farmer's market in Pueblo AND the Colorado State Fair grounds is here. Sounds like your place in Michigan and Pueblo aren't all that different. Except we have no Amish folk here.

Have a great weekend...