September 9, 2008

Things that are harder to do after 30!

I love my girl. lol Now why does everytime I say that people know I am about to tell a story that she is probably going to kill me for? Not so much this time. She didn't do anything really embarrassing. However, watching her and her friend toss the football with the kids, was some fo the funniest stuff I have seen in a while. (You know, since Saturday when I saw the peacock at the farmers market!)

Our friend's (yes we have one) son had a soccer game early in the morning. So we get up early and head out to watch him play. I snap some pictures and have a good time. We head back to their house and decide to hang out for a while. I had been eyeing the trampoline in the back yard. I decide to go jump. Do you know how many muscles in your legs are worked out when you jump on a trampoline?? Too effing many is how many! Do you know what it looks like when a top heavy woman jumps on a trampoline? Like two puppies fighting under a shirt trying to smother a person! It wasn't pretty. Thankfully my friends kid came out to jump with me. He made it look so easy!

After giving up on jumping on the trampoline I decided to go take pictures of the girls throwing around the pig skin (that's a football for all you really fem girls!)in the front yard. I would hate to say it...but they kind play like grils. I can feel safe in saying this as they don't check my blog as often as they should. (This will teach them!)

First off...our friend who I will call Princess is amazing. She is funny and outgoing and full of energy. She loves to be on the go and make people laugh. So anytime with her is a good time. I love her and all...but the girl can't throw a football. She sticks her one arm out like she is having a seizure while she throws...and well...she can't catch that well either.

At one point the game was really getting fun. The boys were outplaying the grown women but it was still a good time. Then it happened. The little one decided to duck and weave just when the women are heading towards him. What follows is the greatest act of gravity I have ever seen. My girls foot gets tangled with Princess' feet. My girls starts down with Princess right on her tail! The next thing you know they are piled on the ground!! I have decided this should be part of our weekend routine from now on!!


SassyFemme said...

LMAO @ the trampoline description! I haven't been on one since HS, but every time I see one in someone's back yard I want to sneak in, in the dark of night, just to try it out again.

Attila The Mom said...

Heh. After 30, trampolining is hazardous. You could put your eye out, kid!

giddings said...

Awesome pictures!

CJ said...

Could you ladies help our beloved Patriots get back on track? I think you could show them a trick or two.